The List


Updated April 21, 2011
45. Quilt/sham/pillow for Meg to take to BYU.
44. Do gifts for Facebook Pay-it-Forward.
43. Finish 2011 New Year cards for 2012.
42. Jersey ruffled scarf.
41. Retile fireplace
40. Magnetic board for recipes
39. Make a ribbon scarf.
38. Make baby quilts for:
37. 2010 New Year’s cards (IN PROGRESS)
36. Daisy or butterfly punch collage.
35. Make a ruffled scarf. (FINISHED)
34. Re-vamp a t-shirt like this
33. Baby quilt for BE. (FINISHED)
32. New black skirt. (FINISHED)
31. Make new Christmas stockings.
30. Make a tote.
29. Make a color-coordinated quilt to go on green chair. (FINISHED)
28. Create new header and sidebar titles.
27. Sew Barcelona skirt. (FINISHED)
26. Alter skirts on list:
a. Brown skirt (FINISHED)
b. Remake brown/white skirt to Barcelona A-line
c. Remake Red linen skirt to Barcelona A-line

d. denim capris (FINISHED)
25. Make a quilt for Preston. (FINISHED)
24. Get an ottoman and cover with fabic to match chair. (Fabric has arrived)
23. Finish painting carved wood mirror and get mirror cut to go in it. (FINISHED)
22. Frame Tony’s flowers painting.
21. Paint art work for kitchen. See inspiration here.
20. Paint or cover lamp shades on chandelier. (FINISHED)
19. Make colorful pillow for beige chair (Needlepoint or like this? )
18. Make new pillows for couch. (FINISHED)
17. Make slip-cover for couch first or just get a new couch?
16. Piano runner.
15. Accessories for mantel.
14. Accessories for shelf of change into a photo shelf.
13. Repaint bedroom dresser and new hardware.
12. Finish microwave cart. Tile top or paint?
11. Sew new cover for sewing machine and serger.
10. Make a tablecloth for square dining table.
9. Put decorative buttons on covered boxes under entertainment center.
8. Make a jewelry cabinet.
7. Artwork for bedroom.
6. Organize the office.
5. Start scrapbooking or organizing photos in books.
4. Recover piano bench.
3. Paint decorative balls for jars on mantel.
2. Paint bookcase in office.
1. Sew all baby flannel in boxes into blankets.


3 thoughts on “The List

  1. 3. What did you finally decide on for the mirror frame?

    9. Slip cover ideas?

    14. A mosaic tile top?

    22. I don't officially remember the piano bench, but I'm recalling a sort of olive green color? If so, I love its old shabby self.

    PS: I can't wait for you to start posting pictures of your awesome house!

  2. Mirror frame is almost done. I need to make one final adjustment and get a piece of mirror cut.

    I have 19 yards of orange micro-fiber fabric. Trying to get up the courage for that one.

    Actually, a shard-art table top. Broken tile attached and grouted -OR- paint it black and white diamond design all over. Hmmm…?

  3. Leslie, we have 2 footstools at the store. They are horridly ugly but perfect for recovering! Would you like me to send you pictures of them?

    Love the blogspot – especially! Aunt V.

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