DHS Quilt Top #1

Abused or neglected children are taken from their homes with little or no possessions. I work with young women ages 12-18 at church and we decided to take on the project of making quilts to donate to DHS for the kids in their custody.

Since I have a limited budget to work with, the plea went out to the congregation for donated fabric. We had a good response and the donated fabric fills a large plastic bin. We really appreciate the donation and no offense to anyone that donated…but wow…there is some u-g-l-y fabric.

I literally spent the better part of a day, with my mom, sorting through the fabric and trying to coordinate fabrics that would make cute quilts. I mean, just because these kids don’t have much, doesn’t mean they want some old ugly quilt. Our end result was 12 quilts with the “potential” to be cute and a bunch of leftover fabric we still need to deal with.

We found a blue & green plaid, a blue with silver stars and a green with white pin-dots for DHS Quilt #1. The green with white pin-dots will also be the binding and backing. Remember: These fabrics came from DIFFERENT sources. How lucky did we get?!

Fabric 1 – Cut 46 @ 4″x 7 1/2″
Fabric 2 – Cut 46 @ 4″x 4″
Fabric 3 – Cut 46 @ 4″x 4″

So, DHS Quilts have become another item on “The List”. The girls wanted no part of the cutting and piecing process, so they’ll just tie the quilts.

Here’s DHS Quilt Top #1. It took every bit of fabric to make. Size is 42″x 48″. I think someone will be happy to get it!

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  1. Made this one last week, it just took me awhile to get the pictures up. Just made another cute one today from the donated fabric and have enough to make 2 more just the same. I am completely loving quilting….well, not the actual quilting, just the piecing so far!

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