DHS Quilts Numbers 2, 3 and 4

Here’s the bin of donated fabric for the DHS Quilts:

I thought I’d post the picture that my husband took. For some reason, he finds it funny that my groupings of fabric for potential quilts are bundled up and tied with a bow. It seems perfectly logical to me.

These are the fabrics for the next quilt. They are a variety of brights all similar in intensity.

After some research, I found the perfect pattern…Stacked Coins. I saw the pattern here on the Moda Fabrics blog. Super excited to make it!

I am constantly amazed at how many pieces I can cut from odd quantities of fabric. A couple hours later… I had 350 rectangles!
I sewed the pieces together in “planned-randomness” 5 rows of 22. Added 3.5” wide white sashing in between each row and to my surprise, I had enough fabric to make three quilt tops.

These will need to be hand-quilted instead of tied, but I think they are Super-Cute!

I think this may also be the pattern I will use for the new quilt to go on my green chair. I will soon begin the hunt for fabrics on that one!

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