Creating the blog is more fun than blogging

I’ve been busy working on a couple of projects on The List. Really, I have! But, I saw an idea on another blog and I just had to have it! My genius-programmer husband added a button to my blog one night that links directly to The Unfinished Projects List. As you can see on the side bar it’s just a temporary button. So, I’ve been busy designing my own graphic and button to make it “cute”. Wow! I’ve had SO MUCH FUN doing it, that I now have decided to design an entirely new blog/website. I was up until 3:30 am last night and 2:30 am the night before. We just purchased the domain and I am experimenting with themes and ideas. I love this kind of creativity…. Planning really is half the fun!

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  1. Leslie, would you mind asking Preston if he would be interested in playing in a trio for Jordan and Emily's wedding? There will be a piano, cello and violin, if Preston accepts. Don't know what the music will be – Jordan is FULL of surprises these days! Please let me know what Preston decides and I'll make sure we get him in touch with the other guys. BTW, Jordan was supposed to have asked Preston 2 months ago . . . just like a man! 🙁 Thanks! Vicki

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