Preston’s Quilt

I finally finished a quilt for Preston. I should say I finally started and finished a quilt for Preston, because once I started, it was done in just a couple of days. What you don’t know is that I bought the fabric about three years ago, probably four. I just wasn’t sure I liked the fabric anymore. I bought it at a local quilt store’s super-blowout sale. Everything looks better at a cheap price, and so I collected these fabrics to create an Asian inspired quilt. Preston is into all things Asian and had I known I would like the finished product so much, I would have made it years ago! And Preston thinks it’s ‘tight’ as well!

Preston's quilt 004


A special thanks to my sweet mom, who hand-quilted it for me. I love her! She hardly even complained when I told her how much quilting I wanted on it. I like a good amount, so when you wash it, it gets that cozy crinkly look. You can see the quilting on the black underside above.

And Little Kitty couldn’t resist rolling around on it.
Preston's quilt 024

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