The Oklahoma Snowpocalypse of 2009

Christmas Eve brought us 14 inches of snow. For us Oklahomans, that is a crippling amount. Christmas Eve activities throughout the state were cancelled, as well as my own family get-together. (Postponed ‘til New Year’s Day, officially.) Highways closed and even the mall! On Christmas Eve no less! Even today, Sunday, our church services were cancelled. We just don’t quite know how to function in all this snow. Maybe we all just wanted an excuse to stay home?

Lucky for me, I stocked up ahead of time. My husband’s infamous spiced cider, hummus, cheese ball, cold Diet Pepsi, Valentine runner to complete, a new scarf to make…plenty. We could have used some better movies to watch, but an enjoyable time was had by all.

We’ve now migrated to our separate corners (read computers), and have braved the outside world a couple of times. It’s still extremely slick in the neighborhoods (the worst of which is right in front of my driveway that gets no sun), but the main streets are clearing up.

I saw this scarf over at V & Co. and couldn’t wait to make it. It was so much fun to do, I think everyone I know may get it next year for Christmas! If I start now, I just might get them all done!

It’s made out of flannel with serveral ruffled strips.

The ruffled strips are sewn in a diamond/argyle pattern.
Not all projects are truly fun, but this one was. Go by V & Co. and check out her tutorial. It’s only up for a limited time!

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  1. Leslie,
    Have you heard of this technique? If you hold the thread coming from the spool just a bit, it ruffles automatically! It made the process SO easy and all my strips were ruffled the same amount. If your spool sits upright, just place your finger on top of it to slow it down.

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