The Search is Over

We’ve had this light fixture, and the shades that came with it, for several years now. We sprayed painted in black to fit our tastes. I never particularly liked the shades. Well, they were fine. They were just ‘unfinished’. I’m sure I told myself that I could cover the shade with fabric or paint them. And I HAVE thought about painting them many times over the years. But, you know, that first stroke of the brush is the hardest.

So even BEFORE I poked a hole in this shade last Christmas while weaving garland on the chandelier, and before they became brittle and started to discolor, I’d been searching for new shades.
Whatever the store I’m in, I always try to look at lamp shades. I found these Friday while roaming around in SteinMart. Finally. Shades in a color I can get enthused about.
My biggest challenge, as I’ve stated before, is the color scheme of my house. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in Oklahoma there’s a lot of browns, reds, golds and the wrong greens. There are just not a lot of accessories to go with Imperial Yellow or Mandarin Orange (my kitchen).
So even though I didn’t make them…
Another item on The List is officially complete.


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