Thanksgiving Preparations

MY list for Thanksgiving preparations wasn’t too bad today. My husband has his own portion as well.

I also added:

  • Trip to the grocery store (again).
  • Go see new Harry Potter movie.
  • Skip house cleaning, because we’re going to my mom’s anyway!
  • Fight with Blogger to make a post.
I’m completely in love with making these mug rugs. I can’t get enough of them!  These are for my sister and niece who are coming up from Texas tomorrow. I can post pictures of them without spoiling the surprise because neither one of them follow my blog. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

My husband took charge of the turkey this year. Here’s the 24 lb. bird brining in a 5-gallon bucket in the sink. Since it won’t fit in the fridge, he’s packed it with ice to keep it cold so it won’t kill us all tomorrow.
Really, what I look forward to the most on Thanksgiving is the pie. Pumpkin pie, specifically. I don’t know why we never have pie during the year, but we don’t. My niece, who’s in her 20s, makes an awesome pie crust. We always want her to make the pies and she never disappoints us.
I don’t have any Thanksgiving specialties, so I’m trying a new dressing recipe by Paula Deen this year. It should be tasty. Do you have a Thanksgiving specialty? Or what food do you most look forward to eating on Thanksgiving?
Good luck with all of your preparations and Happy Thanksgiving!

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