Three hundred and fifteen.
That’s how many Cake Balls my mom and I made last week…



…in 5 different flavors.
Luckily for us, it was really cold that day and we could cover them
and set them outside to chill, because there wasn’t room in the fridge.
Red Velvet cake mixed with cream cheese frosting,
dipped in dark chocolate with milk chocolate stripes.
Chocolate Fudge cake mixed with peppermint extract added to the cream
cheese frosting, dipped in dark chocolate with bits of Andes mints on top.


Vanilla cake mixed with a praline crunch used for ice cream
sundaes mixed into the cream cheese frosting, then dipped in
milk chocolate and rolled into more praline crunch.
You can see how some of the pieces melted inside.
Chocolate cake mixed with almond extract added to the cream cheese
frosting, dipped in dark chocolate and dipped in finely chopped almonds.
White cake tinted orange mixed with orange extract added to the
cream cheese frosting, dipped in dark chocolate with orange tinted
white chocolate squiggles on top.
All boxed up and ready to go!
Unfortunately, we had so much going on last week,
that a box or two didn’t make it to their intended destinations.


Don’t worry, they didn’t go to waste!
What kind of treats are you making this year?


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  1. i wish i was at your house…those sound amazing. i wish i was making treats to share but not this year, we are barely able to make a batch of cookies for us with a newborn in the house. i did make a popcorn cake with my daughter…like a giant popcorn ball….so yummy

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