New Year Resolutions and Unfinished List #43

Happy New Year!

I typically don’t do New Year resolutions. They just seem like the same ol’ list of things we all know we should be doing and somehow don’t. Eat better, exercise more, try to cut out Diet Pepsi…

One year, at a church women’s gathering, we did ‘Good Riddance’ instead. We all wrote down what we wanted to get rid of on a slip of paper and put it in a shoebox. Someone read them aloud, but no names were identified. (One woman wanted to get rid of her husband!) We then tossed the box in the garbage can and said, “Good Riddance!” I wrote down that I was going to get rid of the need to do everything myself. It was a big problem for me back then. My husband would probably say there are still times I need to work on that, but for that one year, I really got rid of it. Yes, I know it’s basically the same thing as a New Year’s resolution, but for some reason, it worked for me. At least for that one year.

This year, however, I’ve actually made some goals:

  1. Give more details on posts. A friend said I don’t write enough in my posts. I know what I’m looking for when I visit a blog, so I’m going to give more information regarding projects.
  2. Submit an original quilt project to Moda Bakeshop. If you follow Moda’s blog, you know what I’m talking about. My understanding is that you can submit ideas to them and if they like it, you basically get to write a post as a guest. My husband asked, “What do you get if they accept it?” I told him, “A button on your blog that says ‘I was featured on Moda Bakeshop’! That’s reward enough.
  3. Be more creative and worry less about being perfect. Worrying about a project turning out right the first time keeps me from starting the project. Additionally, it also hinders creativity. So, less thinking more doing.
Now, on to my Unfinished Projects List. I just added Number 43 today:
43. Finish 2010 New Year cards for 2012.
Remember, the tagline for this blog is Planning is Half the Fun!
…and it’s SO true.


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