Grey v. Gray

Did you know there’s an entire website devoted to the Grey v. Gray spelling controversy? Well, it’s not really much of a controversy, but I find I like to use the g-r -E-y spelling. Seems more European, which I found out, it is! According to the site:
grAy is how it’s spelled in America 


grEy is how it’s spelled in England


This is my current quilt project. The grey and white polka-dot will be on the back with the aqua as the binding. I’m hoping to get it completed in the next two days, because the baby shower was last week . Oh well, it’s taken me months to get gifts where they need to be in the past.
It’s hard to tell up close, but this is V & Co.’s Houndstooth Quilt Pattern.
This is the most brilliant pattern ever! I bought it the moment I saw it. Oh, how I wish I would have thought of it…

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