Whole-Cloth Quilts: Baby Boy P Edition

The invitation came on a Tuesday. The shower was the coming Saturday. I was in the middle of a commissioned quilt with an approaching deadline. A rational person would go out and buy a gift, but I have this thing about handmade. Especially when it comes to baby quilts and blankets. I think it’s genetic…

The babies in my family are big. My son, at 5 lbs. 11 oz., was an anomaly. But, he was also six weeks early. I’ve always wondered what he would have been full-term. I mean, lots of people have full-term babies at 6 pounds! In our family, nine and ten pound babies are the norm. I was 10 lbs. 2 oz. myself. Maybe that’s why my mom started making baby blankets in the first place. The store bought ones were just too skimpy to wrap one of her babies in.

With the Saturday morning baby shower quickly approaching, I knew a whole-cloth quilt was the way to go. I must admit that I’m really beginning to enjoy making them. The quilting process is a breeze. So much easier to quilt than the one I just finished today and broke 3 heavy duty needles on. And, I really like being able to just see the fabric, you know? There’s so many cute fabrics out there, sometimes I just want to look at it.

Fabric Used: 
Front: Riley Blake’s Alphabet Soup Boy color-way
Back & Binding: Lila Tueller’s Spirit Bubbly Sky for the back and binding.


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