Not Really a New Year’s Resolution Post

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. With that said, there ARE things I hope to accomplish this year. Some of which, are to enjoy the process of the projects I do, not feel in a rush to get them done and experiment a bit more.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a unexpectedly fun experience. We headed to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see a photography exhibit called Faded Elegance. While the exhibit was truly amazing, the real surprise was an exhibit entitled Poodles and Pastries, which featured the artist, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, live and in person. And boy was he live! Fun and talkative, his art was for sale (“the more you buy the more you save”) and we were told to “come on in”, handle the art, take it off the wall and play around with combinations and layouts. I think we spent about an hour deciding on the right combination of canvases for us. (We purchased 10 by the time we were done.)


There’s no explaining why art speaks to you. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising (as it was called in the old days), so that may be why it appealed to me so much. I was pleasantly surprised that my husband dug it as well. We’re not too serious in home decor and loved the whimsy of it all. Plus, I love its graphic nature…black and white. Simple.


I did a little research on Franco (as we were on a first name basis by the time we left) and found this great comment he gave in an interview:

Now, while we certainly have plenty of gadgets and crap in our home and I like Stein Mart as much as the next person, here are a few things about how we live that help steer us away from the madness and help us to find the beauty:

  • We live in a small house. Only so much will fit in it. And with only the three of us, how big of a house do we really need?
  • We have empty walls here and there waiting for something we love, not just something to fill the space.
  • We have art on our walls painted by a treasured friend and me.
  • I sew a lot and have a 20+ year old sewing machine. As much as I think I “need” a new one, I honestly have everything I need, and it runs like a dream.
  • My husband takes pictures and finds beauty in ordinary and unexpected places.
  • We don’t give a lot of gifts to each other. Instead, we often choose to DO something together.
  • We visit museums locally and when we travel.
  • We go to dinner with good friends and have good conversation in small, independently owned restaurants.
  • Sometimes, we ignore the errands and the To-Do List and sit on the couch together and read a book.
  • And sometimes…just sometimes…we ignore the phone when you call 🙂

What do you do to stop the madness?

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3 thoughts on “Not Really a New Year’s Resolution Post

  1. Oh how I love this art work! Amazing and the story of HIM is perfect too. To me his work is much better than any Picasso and would be just as treasured. I love to stop the madness often and have always taken pleasure in the little things. Growing a garden does wonders for this. I could water and dig around all day and then come in to make dinner and be happy. Good for you Leslie, good for you!

  2. Love the artwork too! Like you – we turn the phone off. I don't like to feel like I'm being controlled by an "electronic leash"! This year I want to disconnect more on the internet and reconnect with more folks in real life. Hope you have a great year!

  3. Leslie, this post really hit home for me today. As a matter of fact I stumbled upon a book today online about simplicity (of course I pinned it to my 'library' board) that I really want to read for inspiration. What a great quote! And love his paintings…so cool!

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