Seasonal Quilts: The Valentine Quilt

I don’t know about you, but I keep very little of what I make. Most of my projects are gifts, and while I love making gifts, right now I want to make something for keeps.  I don’t decorate my home much for the seasons. Christmas? Yes. Easter…I have a bunch of eggs I painted, but I keep those in glass vases year round. Halloween? No. Valentine’s Day? No.
So, I’ve decided to start making me some seasonal quilts. The first one will be a Valentine Quilt, so I’ve been collecting pink and orange fabrics. That’s right…pink and orange.
I think I love this color combination because it reminds me of the bedroom my sister and I shared growing up. The wallpaper had rows and rows of pink and orange flowers. The carpet was orange shag, and a pink light fixture that had a big round globe surrounded by a curtain of clear pink beads hung from the ceiling. An orange chenille bedspread, of course, and yeah, we loved that room. It was cool in the 70s.
Napa, California.  January, 1973.
My mom and I scribbled out an idea for a block the other day, but I’m still waffling back-n-forth on the details. Sashing/No Sashing… Border/No Border…etc.


I plotted out the block on my Electric Quilt 7 software I got for Christmas and just need to experiment with how I want to put it together. Paper-piecing or template?
And by the way, the EQ7 software is pretty cool. It automatically prints for paper-piecing, or template pieces, and tells me how much of each fabric I need. You can change a quilt in numerous ways with just a click of the mouse, and I think that’s why I can’t make up my mind.

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2 thoughts on “Seasonal Quilts: The Valentine Quilt

  1. LOVE your fabric choice. I took had a pink and orange room in the 70's! I love holiday quilts and have many half done ideas. I also have some cool paper pieced ones in my pile. I am old school and didn't know about this software. Wow!

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