A Quilt for Baby Paxton

Congratulations to our friends M & M on their new grand-baby, Paxton! Here’s the flannel skull blanket I made a couple of weeks ago with the new quilt I just finished. They coordinate wonderfully together, dontcha think?
This is the quilt I wanted to get done between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but my husband and I both ended up being sick. As a result, we both felt like we’d been cheated out of the best week of the year. Nothing happens and no one seems to plan anything between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so it’s like a free week to catch up and do whatever you want before life gets back to normal after the New Year. I had planned to get so much done….
This block quilt is the perfect style of quilt for when you just want to show the patterns of the fabric you are using. Add a little white sashing between the blocks and the fabrics really stand out. I always like to add a wide border when doing this type of quilt, because I like how it frames the blocks.
I finally climbed out of my comfort zone and away from the meandering-stitch quilting I love so much, and opted for straight lines on the diagonal. The back of this quilt is the argyle print, so it was easy to just follow the lines in the fabric and not have to mark them myself.
Finished Quilt: approximately 41″ x 53″
Fabrics: by Brother Sister Designs
Blocks: 4.5″x 4.5″ finished
Sashing: 1.5″ finished
Border 4″ finished
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