Quilted iPad Sleeve

A little patchwork iPad sleeve and matching case for glasses was all I was capable of doing this weekend. And while I was sewing under a heavy dose of variable sinus medications, I wondered if a sewing machine could be considered heavy machinery. I didn’t really have a plan, so I just started cutting and sewing.
I originally started with three rows of three-inch blocks, but realized in my loopy state that wasn’t going to work. So, I cut and re-sewed the blocks and ended up with three rows of blocks just a tad bigger than one inch. I then sewed a 7 inch piece of fabric on top and a 13 inch piece on the bottom (both about 9 inches wide), which gave me a long piece roughly 9″ x 23″.

With a piece of cotton batting under it, I quilted along the diagonal lines of the black and white and straight across the pieced area. Then, using the same construction method that I used on my Easy Tote Bag Tutorial, folded it up on itself and sewed two side seams.

The inner lining folds over the outside to make a contrasting band around the top and a velcro closure finishes it off.


Here’s hoping next weekend is better!

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