Artwork in the Corner

I’ve become so interested in making quilts lately, that I seem to completely ignore the reason I started this blog in the first place. Which was is, to complete home projects. I can finally cross “artwork in the corner” off The List.

I have this bad habit – or maybe it’s a talent – of not seeing clutter. Take this stack of canvases, for example. It’s been here, on top of the entertainment center, for about, oh…5 months. We bought them back in December when we went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and met the artist.

I was finally in-between quilts/plans/commitments and simply just wanting to do other things, and took the time to hang them. At the museum, the canvases were hung by two push-pins. Great idea, since I hate putting a lot of big holes in walls. And, the resulting tiny holes could be easily covered down the road.

How and where to hang art/photos/wall decor is always tricky. You don’t really know what it’s going to look like until it’s hung and you can stand back and look at it. So, I plotted the dimensions of the canvases in my graphic software and printed them to paper to serve as templates. I then arranged them, taped them to the wall, and evened them up with a level.

We’ve had this blank corner for years and we knew we wanted the layout a little more free-form and to span across the corner. After a lot of rearranging, we agreed on this layout. Under the top line on the templates, I evenly spaced two dots to indicate where to place the push-pins. After hammering the pins in, I simply removed the paper.

Now, those candlesticks need to be replaced.

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5 thoughts on “Artwork in the Corner

  1. This looks great! You did a fantastic job with the layout and placement. It makes the whole grouping seem like its own piece of art. In fact, the canvases really work well with your wall color too. I'm definitely going to use that paper trick when I get around to crossing "Hang Paintings" off my list.

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