Small Projects: Cat Bed

Sometimes, there are those projects that go wrong from the get-go. This was one of those projects.

The ideas was to make a simple quilted cover with a zipper in the back to slip over a regular-sized pillow. The piecing of the top went off without a hitch.

Then came the zipper. I’ve put zippers into clothing at least a dozen times. As I don’t do it often enough, I always have to refresh my memory, but I can do it easily enough. In my own defense this time around, I’m going to say that the problem has to be my new sewing machine and not me, personally. That’s the only difference in the equation and the only reason I can think of as to why I had to unpick and re-sew the zipper three times…three! On the FOURTH screw up, I said, “Forget it!” I tossed it out, bought a new zipper and started over. It went in without a hitch…what? I still have no idea what the problem was the first four times around, except that I’ve never seen a zipper foot that looks like the one my Janome has.
A few days later, because I had to walk away from the frustration…I made my piping and sewed it to the sides. Taking the first one off the machine, I noticed it was bunched up and looked gathered on. I looked at my machine and noticed that I didn’t lift up the metal thread guide after I took the cover off my machine, so the tension was messed up. Grrr…I unpicked all the way around, sewed it back on and then it was too short…too short because it was “gathered” on the first time and when flattened out it wasn’t long enough.
I ended up cutting a short piece of piping and inserted it between the two ends. AND….if I hadn’t had to unpick the piping from the sides, I most likely would have sewn the top on without remembering to quilt it first!
Sewing the top, side and bottom all together wasn’t as smooth as it should have been either. Again, I’m blaming the zipper foot. There never seems to be a foot that gets close enough to where I want it, so I typically use my zipper foot. I wonder if the one for my old Singer machine fits the new one? I guess I should have tried that out. In my younger days, this project would probably have never been completed. But, I’m glad I exhibited some patience and stuck with. I’m pleased with the results.
And after trying a little bribery…
I have no illusions that either cat will ever use it.
At least I can cross another item off my List.
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4 thoughts on “Small Projects: Cat Bed

  1. This gave me a good chuckle b/c I can relate. I tried attaching piping with my zipper foot on the new Janome and oh my goodness. I was having fits. I too can't get it as close as I would like. I thought of contacting the people at sew4home to see if they had a suggestion. And then it makes me think of ripping off all of that binding that one time with the new walking foot. :/ Isn't it fun getting used to a new machine. lol!!! Glad you hung in there. It turned out great in the end.

  2. Do you have the horizon? I don't like the zipper foot that came with the machine, I bought a different style from my dealer. Also, I often use one of the acufeed feet for attaching zippers. 🙂

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