Defining [mod-ern]: A Modern Quilt Show

Our OKC Modern Quilt Guild had a show last week in a quirky part of OKC known as the 16th Street Plaza District. Entitled, Defining [mod-ern], we tried to explain what modern quilting meant to us. If you talk to five quilters, you’ll get five different answers. I’m still not sure I could clearly define it in a sentence or two, but it was fun to attempt it visually.  Here’s the new quilt I displayed at the show.

I sent out a plea to my Facebook peeps to help me name it and Amanda at The Cozy Pumpkin came up with the name “Seaside Avocados”. The name stuck.
The idea for this quilt came from a couple of different sources. First, from this crazy ruler that is so much fun to use from  Sew Kind of Wonderful. Second, I’ve been inspired by transparency quilts at Craft Nectar. I’d been wanting to make one for quite a while.
So the theory behind Seaside Avocados is this: When the lime green ‘orb’ blends with the peacock rectangle it creates a candy green orb. (Fabric by Kona Cotton) I didn’t really achieved the result I wanted, but I’m happy with the result I got. It took me out of my box.
At this point, it seems so long ago, and I have so many other things I should get to, that I’m not going to write up a post about our quilt show.  Instead, Amanda from the guild, wrote up a post with some fun photos on the OKCMQG blog. You can check it out HERE and check out the show poster I made below.


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