Seriously Sewing

I finally got my mojo on and did some serious sewing this weekend. I was really having a hard time just doing it. I have an assortment of 66 blocks.

Planned randomness on the design wall. And now that I look at this photo below, I see some blocks I’d like to move around. Oh well, you move a couple and it turns into an all-night rearrangement party. It’s funny how you think you’re doing so many different fabric combinations and suddenly,while putting it all together they’re not as different as you first thought.


Invariably, when moving from the design wall to the sewing machine, I sew the wrong end of the blocks together at least once…okay, two or three times. This time, I decided to number and label each block with masking tape. Wow, I’m going to do this from now on! It was great to lay out the piles and just keeping sewing them each row together one by one, without cutting the thread.

Additionally, see the way the border on 2A and 5A are sewn above? 2A has a horizontal piece across the top and 5A is turned so the long border pieces are vertical. I sewed the blocks together that way so that I didn’t have any border seams to match up. It made it just that much easier.

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