A Two-for-One Post

I’ve been in what seems to be a flurry of activity lately. We live a pretty quiet life and we like it that way. But between unexpected travel, a couple of funerals and me agreeing to things I wish I hadn’t, I’ve felt a little chaotic this past month. Laundry has been done on a need-to-wear basis and I can only think of a handful of meals I’ve cooked. But, I enjoyed making these quilts for a couple of girls getting ready to go off to college.

I like to use my graphics software to plot out my quilts. I can do it quickly and try out different color layouts in an instant. Then, by turning my computer screen, I can see from my sewing machine what to piece next.

I was recently involved with the youth of our church. Just having a son, I loved being with girls. We had so much fun together! Being about the same age as my son, there were two girls I’ve known since they were 8-10 years old and these quilts are for them.

Kerri’s Quilt:
Anyone that knows Kerri knows her love for the color purple. She is the life of the party and so much fun to be around. Kerri is also amazingly creative and looking to have a career in medicine.

For Kerri’s quilt, I chose a mix of fabrics from Kate Spain’s Terrain line.

I finished both of these quilts last night at 11:45, popped them in the washer before bed and then into the dryer early this morning. This crinkly goodness is why I don’t prewash my fabrics.

Rachel’s Quilt:
Rachel loves…you guessed it, yellow. Rachel is another smart and fun girl with the voice of an angel. I’ve been lucky to accompany her singing over the years and she’ll be studying music/voice in Kansas City.

More crinkly goodness…

I collected an assortment of yellow and grey fabrics. This is one of those “how many different prints can I have” quilts. Lots of polka-dots…because, you know, you can never have too many.

Dear Kerri and Rachel,
You both know how much I adore each of you. This is one of the most exciting times of your lives. Anything is possible! Enjoy every moment. Make the most of it too, which is translated to mean “go to class”. Have fun, stay out of bars, remember who you are and watch out for cars.

Love you both!
-Leslie the Great

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One thought on “A Two-for-One Post

  1. Leslie,
    I love your choices of fabrics and the patterns!

    I guess that I never noticed that you were from OKC. My son just graduated from OCU School of Law and I made him a quilt of 18 different stars.
    He just loved it!!

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