Ruffled Apron

Do you wear aprons? My mom made me a couple several years ago, and I can’t believe how much I use them. Sometimes I find myself wearing one all night long. And, aprons are a good way to use fabric that’s too whimsical to wear in public. I found this cute fabric in the kids’ section under a sign that said “girls’ dress-up fabric.” It seemed perfect for an apron!
It had to have a pocket on it, because I love to put on some music and ear-buds and block everything else out and just sew, clean or cook dinner. Even when I’m home by myself I’ll put the ear-buds in. I find it relaxes me and I tend to have better focus on the task at hand.

A ruffle at the top and three at the bottom with contrasting rid-rac.

In unrelated news, my rosemary is the ONLY plant that survived our however-many-days of 105+ degrees heat. Basil, dried up. Flowers, gone. Lawn, dead. And being on odd/even water rationing? Not even trying anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Ruffled Apron

  1. I may have to try an apron. I also like to put on my iPod while I putter around the house. But sometimes I don't have a pocket…thanks for the inspiration…

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