Frosted Flakes French Toast

Last week I went with my sister to take her daughter back to college in Utah. It was a long drive and we found ourselves driving through a lot small towns. It was lunchtime as we approached Moab, Utah. Moab was bigger than some of the other towns we drove through, but not being familiar with the town and not having the time to explore, we pulled into one of the first places we came to for lunch, Moab Diner. And that’s where my niece had some amazing french toast dipped in crushed Frosted Flakes.

And, yes, I couldn’t wait to get back home and make some myself!

There’s no special trick to it. It’s made exactly as you’re thinking.

Frosted Flakes French Toast

Crushed Frosted Flakes
1-2 eggs
1-2 TBLS. milk
1-2 TBLS. butter

I used Stirato bread that I picked up at Whole Foods down the street. It’s a little bit of a crusty bread, but not too much. It came un-sliced, which was perfect because I wanted the slices to be a bit thicker than normal. I cut them about 1-inch thick.


Scramble up a couple of eggs with a touch of milk in a separate bowl. This is where you can add a little cinnamon to your egg mixture if desired. I didn’t this time, but definitely will next time since that’s how we usually like our french toast.
Dip a slice of bread coating both sides, then place in a dish of crushed Frosted Flakes. (Put about 1 cup of flakes in a zip-lock bag. Seal it up and crush with your hands or rolling pin.) Coat both sides of the egg-dipped bread with frosted flakes.

Transfer the coated bread to a hot skillet that has about 1 Tablespoon of butter that’s melted. The flakes are pretty dry and they need something to help them become yummy.

Cook on both sides until golden brown. Transfer to a plate and add whatever topping you desire. A little powdered sugar?


Or maybe a little maple syrup? When we first tried the french toast in the restaurant, we thought there was something pecan on it. When browned, the Frosted Flakes do seem to take on a little nutty flavor. A butter pecan syrup would be fantastic on these!

We actually had this for dinner tonight. It’s hot again, or still, and it was nice to have something light and easy.

And besides, don’t you love breakfast for dinner too?

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