Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

The OKC Modern Quilt Guild Christmas Party was this weekend and we all brought a handmade gift to exchange. In a group made up of serious sewists, I decided to do something different and paint some wooden ornaments.

I was happy to discover that I had quite a few already partially base-coated. I then did a little calculating and determined that I started them 5 years ago. I wish I’d had more time to paint, but it was such a busy weekend I only had time to paint three. I still have about 2 dozen or more left….


Behind the scenes chaos.

FYI – These Jansjo lights from Ikea are fantastic. Seems like I’m always taking photos at night and they give off great light. I also use one for sewing, as it seems the light on my machine is never bright enough.

Next weekend’s project: Christmas 2012 Cake Balls

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7 thoughts on “Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

  1. I absolutely love what I call the keepin' it real shot, especially when able to compare it to the beautifully composed glamour shot. Not only do I not feel quite as bad about the crafting messes I make, but it shows me how I could set up a shoot for my own blog. Thanks a million!

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