20 Minutes A Day

I often find myself putting off doing something because I think I don’t have enough time. Rarely, is there a project I do beginning to end in one sitting, but it just seems that I need at least a couple hours of allotted time to make starting worth while.
There are many ways to be creative and I think creativity is often an overlooked need. Not want. Need. I need to be creative. It makes me happy. It makes those around me happy. Over the years I’ve had many people tell me that when the kids go to school/grow up/ leave the house or when I quit working/retire/etc. they’d like to learn how to quilt. Or sew. Or cook, or whatever.
Enter 20 Minutes A Day.

20 Minutes A Day is the idea of doing something creative everyday. Okay, in reality, we probably need to make that 4-5 days a week, but we’re going to call it 20 Minutes A Day anyway.

I went back to work at the worst time possible for my social life. I was committed to accompanying our church’s Christmas Cantata (which I love) but required hours of practice both home and away, and culminated in four nights of performances. Mix that with family and other commitments and places to be and it just left me exhausted each night. Bottom line, I just wasn’t in a creative mood. My sewing machine sat untouched. Projects piled up.

I can’t wait for that “day of uninterrupted sewing”. It doesn’t exist for me anymore. Since I’m not getting a lot done anyway, I might as well try just 20 minutes a day and see what happens, because that 20 minutes will add up to and hour, and I already know how much can be accomplished in an hour.

Positive me says, “I can drop everything and be creative for 20 minutes and still have plenty of time for whatever else is going on in the evening. I can probably even work it in while fixing dinner!”

Procrastinator me says, “I don’t really want to work on anything tonight, but heck, it’s only 20 minutes!”

Creative me says, “That 20 minutes will make me feel refreshed and happy!”

If you’re having a hard time finding the time for whatever your creative outlet is, I hope you’ll join me 20 Minutes A Day and see just how much can be accomplished!

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Today’s 20 Minutes
Sometimes it’s just planning, but it’s still creative. This is layout for the current quilt I need to work on.

I had to laugh. I was trying to be random in my colors, but in the end each fabric requires the same amount of pieces. Had I planned to do that, it would have taken me much longer 🙂

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3 thoughts on “20 Minutes A Day

  1. I like this idea! It is true, a marathon sewing session is hard to find, but 20 minutes is not. And as you have demonstrated, even just a few minutes of quilt planning can be a fun creative outlet. Now if only I had a sewing room…

  2. YES YES YES! That's how I got into blogging, actually. I realized this very thing – that whole projects are made up of small bits. A seam here, a block there. Those 20 minutes a day DO add up, trust me! Happy New Year!

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