My 20 Minutes

I’m not going to post my 20 Minutes A Day everyday, but rather I think I’ll save them up for a post at the end of the week. I just wanted to let you know that Day 2 happened. And wow! 20 minutes goes pretty quick.
Since I had some extra time before dinner and really wanted to get this portion of the quilt cut out, I went a full 30 minutes…woohoo! It helped that my fabric was already ironed and ready to cut. That in itself can take 20 minutes.

Did you take at least 20 minutes to be creative today?

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One thought on “My 20 Minutes

  1. THANK YOU for the 20 minutes idea! I SO do that "wait for a full day" thing and it never happens. Also, I am currently making a quilt using some of the same fabrics as you…the damask, window pane and green on green ones. Great minds! 🙂

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