Easy Kindle Quilted Case

For Mother’s Day I made my mom a case for the Kindle we gave her last year. It was a surprisingly quick and easy project! Here’s a quick how-to that can be customized to fit your eReader, iPad or notebook!

1.  Sew two strips together and then trim at an angle. Continue sewing the necessary strips needed and trim to desired size.

2.  Cut a piece of batting just a little bit bigger than the cover. With RIGHT side up, layer batting and then the cover, and quilt together.

3.  Cut a piece of lining to the same size as the quilted cover.

4.  Lay lining on top of quilted cover, RIGHT sides together.

5.  Cut a piece of thin elastic and pin in between the lining and cover approximately one-fouth of the way from the raw edge, loop facing inward and the cut edges of the elastic along the raw edges of the fabric.

6.  Stitch along the top. Press seam open.

7.  Fold over on itself and sew along the edge.

8.  With RIGHT sides still together, sew along the bottom of the quilted edge.

9.  At the open end, turn inside out.

10.  Press.

11.  At the open end, turn raw edge under about one-quarter inch.

12.  Press and line up turned under edges and sew together.

13.  Push the lining down into the cover and press the seam around the opening flat.
14.  Add a button and you’re done!

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