Show Moore Love – Tornado Relief

No doubt you’ve seen the footage on T.V.  It’s pretty devastating here in Oklahoma. So many have lost so much. One co-worker’s house was spared, while another lost everything.
I’m reminded of the song, The Flagmaker, 1775 from the musical Songs for a New World:
The wise woman does what she knows
If it’s fighting she fights
If it’s sewing she sews
When the tension inside
Overflows and goes too far
 One more star
So, that’s what “we” at the Oklahoma City Quilt Guild are doing. We’re sewing. Currently, we are making a quilt that you will be able to “win” by donating to the Red Cross or the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. More details will come on that when the quilt is complete.
For now, we are accepting finished quilts of all sizes, colors and makes. Modern, traditional, pieced, whole cloth…all are appreciated. Please know these quilts will go to those who need them. We’ve already had numerous people reach out and leave messages on our Facebook page. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and generous offers so much!
For more details on how you can participate, please visit

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