Finished Project: Holiday in London Bag


I was at a Quilt Retreat a couple weeks ago when Amanda asked me how my 20 Minutes-A-Day was going.  “Hmmm….like a failed New Year’s Resolution”, I said.  And while that’s mostly true, that is, I haven’t consciously thought: THIS is my 20 minutes…I have been working on this Holiday in London bag on and off, a little bit at a time. And I’m happy to say that those brief moments have finally added up to a completed bag!
This was the perfect bag to take on a quick trip to my sister’s house in Texas (I even fit my pillow in it!) where we spent the day looking for a wedding dress for my niece.  (I wish I could show you all a picture of the dress, it’s beautiful!)
But back to the bag….
This is my first structured bag. I’d only ever made this easy tote, so believe me when I say I have no experience making bags.  I had a few difficulties understanding some details in the directions. I felt like there was an assumption that I should know how to treat the raw ends of the handles and a couple of other small things, but I figured it out.  
I don’t sew many zippers because…well, I just don’t, so I always dread it. Don’t let the idea of putting a zipper in a bag intimidate you. In this area, I felt the instructions were very clear.
The most consuming part of it was all the straight-line quilting I did. Sewing all the pieces together wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it’d be.
And definitely, DEFINITELY, buy a denim needle. I was curious about how difficult it was going to be to sew through all the layers, but it was a breeze. What a difference the proper tools make! I also learned that it’s best to just go slow and take your time.
Having made this bag once, I’d definitely do it again. I’d make the long shoulder strap wider next time, though. It’s just too narrow to carry on your shoulder when the bag is full. And now that I have a better understanding of how it all goes together, I may even add some pockets on the inside!

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  1. Leslie, I wish I could sew such straight lines. The bag is beautiful too! Could you share the pattern info? Our daughter is getting ready to go off to college & this looks like a good bag for me to pack when we move her into her dorm. Have a blessed day :O)

  2. This is Brigitte from Zen Chic and I love how your Comma bag turned out, I'm even a bit envy :-), jumping to my shelves and see if I have enough left over scraps from Comma to treat myself with such a BEAUTIFUL weekender! Yummy

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