Nat’s Quilt

I love this mix of fabric. It’s been the lock-screen on my phone for a couple of years. I snapped the photo in the store, but didn’t buy the fabric right away.
When I finally purchased it, I just hung on to it waiting for the right project.
I finally finished this quilt for my friend, Natalie, who graduated high school two years ago. Yes, I was WAY behind on this project.


I also finally purchased these binding clips. I consistently stab my fingers when working with a pinned binding. They’re great and no more blood!

Natalie is…..a great young woman. She’s sarcastic, somewhat pessimistic and pragmatic. I recently went with her to see the stage production of West Side Story. As we walked in, she said she didn’t even know what the story was about. I told it was basically Romeo & Juliet with music and two gangs that have a dance-off. At the end of the show, she commented how much she liked it, particularly the fact that Maria didn’t kill herself over a boy. “Juliet was such an idiot!” And that’s just one of the reasons why I love Natalie so much. She knows and speaks her mind. She loads of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing things she’ll do in life.

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8 thoughts on “Nat’s Quilt

  1. Love that quilt! You have the best eye for color and composition. And, from what I gather, it's going to a pretty awesome graduate.

    Also, I use little "snap" barrettes for my binding clips, and I second their awesomeness. You lose so much less blood that way…

  2. Natalie sounds very much like our daughter. I love the pattern you did for her . I have had 6 fabrics now for nearly a year trying to decide what to do with them. Your pattern has given me some new found inspiration. Quick question though: When I buy fabric, I usually like buy 2 yards. Is that too much/too little? Like most crafters I have a tendency to buy something "just because it's pretty", not know what or how I'm going to use it, just waiting for a moment like today…When BAM! I know what I'm gonna use _____(fill in the blank) for. Have a great day & I love your blog :O)

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