One ‘N’ Jen

I have two Jen(n) friends, and Jen and Jenn are best friends. Some of us that know them refer to them collectively, as “The Jen(n)s”. One ‘N’ Jen is having a baby this month and we’re all very excited for her!

The Jen(n)s and I try to have a little girl’s night get together every week. It started out as a time to watch “Glee” together and eventually we extended it into the wee hours of the morning. The best part about these “girl’s nights” is that there’s no pressure to entertain each other. Dressed in sweatpants or PJs / with or without makeup…sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t. We all might be on our phones texting various people or, true story, taking a nap. It’s a great time!

I was inspired by the Pow Wow Quilt by Cluck, Cluck Sew. I thought I knew how the quilt was going to be cut and assembled, but went ahead and bought the pattern anyway.  Well, the pattern was completely different, but since I had my method in my head I went ahead and did it my way. I simply cut strips and sewed them together as you would piece quilt binding. My measurements were off, but it wasn’t a bad process overall.

One ‘N’ Jen has two girls and this baby will be her first boy! I picked this fabric for the back because I’m sure he’ll become a big BYU fan like his mom.

Congratulations Jen! Can’t wait to meet your lil’ guy!

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