Experimental Birthday Projects

Last week was my birthday and I decided to take the day off work. Two friends had babies that week and I was already behind on their quilts. It would be a good time to get them done. But, I decided to do something for me. I was making the entire weekend a “birthday weekend”. So, after a birthday morning of sleeping in, watching YouTube videos of Broadway performances on past Tony Award shows, and an 11:30 shower…I decided to try something new.
Here’s the thing you need to know about me. I like to plan. The byline of this blog is “Planning is Half the Fun!” and that phrase is the main reason behind why I started this blog. I was always planning and not really doing. I find I can really get stuck in my head when starting a project and it keeps me from getting things done. Sometimes it keeps from making that first cut. I don’t just…jump in! I want it planned out (at least to a certain degree), especially when fabric is $10+ a yard, time is limited and my project list keeps growing. I want to make good use of ALL of my resources.
I was inspired by my friend, Agnes, at our modern quilt guild meeting. She’d sewn small pieces of fabric together and did very close, straight-line quilting. I loved it! and was excited to try it myself. I took some of my favorite fabrics and just started to cut and sew. I never do that. I don’t ever feel like I have the luxury of experimenting, so this was great fun! I wasn’t sure what the final outcome would be, but I didn’t care. In the end, I decided to make cases for my electronics and whatnot.

Bag 1 – Laptop Case. I love how this turned out. In fact, it’s caused me to re-evaluate my scraps.

Bag #2: A pouch for iPhone plug, earbuds, etc…

Bag #3: A pouch for pens, or whatever…

They all go with the notebook cover I made a couple years ago for QuiltCon 2013. Yes, they’re a little matchy-matchy…but I love the leafy print from the discontinued Wildewood fabric line and just can’t get enough of it. I’m now down to one fat-quarter and scraps of the others. Just enough for that iPad case!
So, take some time to play around. It was really a refreshing experience and loads of fun!


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