Under the Sea Birthday Invitation

I had the fun opportunity to put together a birthday party invitation for my friend, BrieAnn. Her daughter is turning four and they’re having an “Under the Sea” party.  Can you even stand how sweet this little girl is?!

They are going to decorate the living room to look like they are under the sea. I love that they’re having the party at home. We chatted about that when I dropped the invitations off. So many kid parties are huge and elaborate. If you’re doing that at age four, where do you go from there?

In the old days….(ahem) everyone had parties at home. We played simple games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey or how many clothes pins you can drop in a jar. One year, my mom took string (one for each kid) tied a prize on the end and then basically made a spider web of all the lengths of string. Each kid picked the end of a string and found their way under the table, over the couch, or around the chair leg until they came to the end of the string and received their prize. It was fun as you sometimes had to untangle your length from another.

Ahhh…the simple things.

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2 thoughts on “Under the Sea Birthday Invitation

  1. Ask Leslie if she still has those carnival games from her son's elementary school. They were a huge hit at my daughter's birthday party …16+ years ago… but seriously, she probably still has them!

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