The Little Sister Quilt

I usually don’t post a quilt until I’ve given it to the recipient, but she’s on vacation all summer long and I just can’t wait anymore!
I love everything about this quilt. The stars, the blocks, the colors and patterns…but what I love most of all is that this quilt for a Little Sister was made out of the scraps from the Big Sister’s quilt. How can you not love sister quilts that coordinate?!
Big Sister’s quilt was one of my first quilts made in my “I’m serious about making quilts” life. Not stage, but life, because I’m still serious about making quilts. (Too bad it wasn’t in my “I can take a decent picture” life.) When I heard that my friend was pregnant again, I immediately knew that I wanted use the fabric I had leftover from this first quilt.
I pulled a few coordinating fabrics from my own stash that were a perfect addition to the mix.
I’ve avoided star blocks for years. It didn’t matter how careful I was, I always seemed to lose a point or two. I can only unpick so many times before frustration sets in, so I just avoided them all together. I’ve recently made a couple of quilts with this star and I think it is the perfect star block pattern. It gives me perfect points and I like the way the fabric seems to frame the star as well. It was, originally, a wonky star from OKC Modern Quilt Guild’s 2013 Block-of-the-Month (February). With a few adjustments, it’s no longer wonky, but still cute as can be.

UPDATED: Find the tutorial on how to make the points even HERE.

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5 thoughts on “The Little Sister Quilt

  1. I would love to make this using a 5 1/2 inch center block, but not sure how to cut the other fabrics to achieve the star design.
    The center blocks are autograph blocks so I cannot cut them down to 4 !/2 inches without loosing letters.

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