Finishing Through the Chaos

I received a lovely message the other day from a new follower. After telling me how much she enjoys my blog (Thank You!) she spoke about how she wants to complete her own unfinished list, but struggles with keeping her craft room clean and the space usable. She then asked if I had any advice on cleaning and organizing. I had to laugh, because at that very moment this is how my dining room table looked. (Remember, my dining room table IS my craft/sewing space.)

Weekdays can be really busy. Some weeks I’m gone 3-4 nights and the nights I’m home, well, let’s be honest, I’m exhausted. Additionally, when I’m home I most likely have a blog post to write either for myself or my quilt guild. If it’s this time of year, I’m preparing music for Christmas performances. More often than not during those busy times, things are dumped on the table to be dealt with at a later date.

I’ve never been one that’s needed everything is in its place. I’m okay with a good amount of clutter and within that clutter, I’m relatively organized. But, there does comes a point when the chaos can smother creativity.

I don’t have any real organizational tips. I don’t have a craft room with built in storage. A few bins with a note card slipped in labeling the contents does the job. It’s doesn’t really matter what you use, it’s just important that you can find what you need when you need it.

So, I cleaned off my table today…


Fortunately, I just needed a little bit of space for today’s project.


So what’s the moral of today’s story? If I waited until everything was cleaned and organized, I’d never get anything done!

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