Quilt Shaming and New Plans…

It’s embarrassing really. It’s so bad that I cringe. And my husband…well, he’s beginning to threaten me. And I want to change it, I really do. But it’s just so overwhelming and…and… complicated. It’s not that easy. I can’t just snap my fingers and ‘poof’ it’s different.

We’ve had our current disaster of a quilt on our bed for over 15 years. It was my second quilt ever made and my mom and I put dozens of hand-quilting hours into it. I’ve found that it’s more difficult to plan a quilt for yourself than for someone else. A gift is out the door and out of mind, where as I’m going to have to live with whatever I keep everyday…for years!

Typically, I’m a “you can’t have too many prints in a quilt person”. When I attend quilt shows, however, I find that I am inexplicably drawn to quilts using all solids. As Mr. Unfinished prefers solids, I finally decided to go all solids with our new quilt.

I bought this bundle of Art Gallery Pure Elements solids a few years ago. I’ve always loved a blue/green color mix. The print below it is our comforter/shams set. Honestly, it’s folded up and on top of the armoire. We don’t completely make the bed much, but instead just opt for the quilt. But, should we get a wild hair and make the bed, I kind of want things to coordinate now. The fabrics look as if they were bundled just for me!

I need a plan before I start a quilt. Many fabric companies have .jpg swatches that you can download. While Art Gallery does have that, apparently Illustrator doesn’t accept a .jpg format. So, I opened the individual swatches and color-matched them myself. (Dear The Cozy Pumpkin, I’m getting the hang of it!)


With my 10 colors matched, I plotted out the layout for my new quilt.

It’ll roughly be 800 6-inch half-square triangles. Wow…is that math right?!

And the back… I think.

Now I just need to figure out how much more fabric I need to buy. By back is aching already…

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4 thoughts on “Quilt Shaming and New Plans…

  1. Thank you so much for your quilt honesty. Now I don't feel so bad. Love your blue and green palette and the design you are working on for your new quilt. All those hst's will be a lot of work…. But so worth it!

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