Modern Kids Quilt

I’m in love with this little quilt. I love the bright colors with the strips of black and white striped fabric. The straight-line quilting gave it an extra soft, pliable feel that really had me thinking twice about giving it away. I took it to work the other day to[Read more]

Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Fall 2014

I’ve been dying to share this project and I’m excited to do it during the Blogger’s Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side. This project started from a quilt block app on my phone. I was playing around on the free app one day (Pattern Blocks Inner peace through geometry)[Read more]

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Spring 2012

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival at Amy’s Creative Side started today. When you’re looking for a little something relaxing to do, click on over and peruse the hundreds of interesting quilts that will be shown. I always find a lot of inspiration and discover new blogs to follow. I refer to this as[Read more]

Pinwheel Quilt for Blogger’s Quilt Festival

I’ve hesitated putting this quilt up for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (at Amy’s Creative Side) since I haven’t given it to it’s intended recipient yet. Hopefully she won’t see it here before I give it to her. Shhh….nobody tell her… I love a pinwheel quilt in any form, but I particularly love[Read more]

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Fall 2010

I love the Blogger’s Quilt Festival that Amy’s Creative Side puts together every 6 months or so. It not only gives me an opportunity to discover new blogs, but it is also inspiring to see the fabulous work others do. And sometimes a little daunting….I am constantly amazed by the workmanship[Read more]