Adventures in Stippling

I’ve always loved stippled quilts. I think the meandering design adds to the cozy, crinkly feel of a much loved quilt. Stippling is a method of stitching free-form squiggly lines. It’s totally up to me what design I make and how big the stitches are. I looked at a few tutorials on line and the advice was: 1) Go fast; and 2) Take your time. What?

After several practice runs, my husband convinced me to put the pedal to the metal and just go for it. I used one of the DHS Coin Quilts for my first official stippled quilt. And what’s most AMAZING, is that it only took about 45 minutes! It would take days to do this by hand…and actually, I never would do it by hand. WAY too much work.

Overall, it was a success. I crossed the streams (the stitching) a few times, forgot what I was doing at other times, but definitely got the hang of it. I’m going to do one more like this one (I have 3!) and then I’m going to gather my courage and do the quilt I just made for Baby Sadie.

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  1. Thanks Connie! I am just using a basic old Singer sewing maching I got 20 years ago. I have found, however, that I have to use machine quilting thread from a quilt shop rather than the Coats & Clark brand at Hancock's, JoAnn's etc. I also have my mother-in-law's Bernina from the 70's set up for straight stitching. (It's an awesome machine!) That way I don't have to fiddle with the settings. One of these days I'm really going to need to buy a new machine, but so far so good!

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