Big Kitty

On Saturday we discovered a hot water leak. Under the house.

Being a Saturday, we turned off the hot water and thought we’d make the best of it until Monday. I took a bath at my mom’s house and my husband and son took showers at my mother-in-law’s house. I’ve been heating water on the stove and washing my face and hair in the kitchen sink. No big deal really. It’s amazing how quickly the water heats up to a nice warm temperature.

It’s now Monday night and my husband and son just left to take their showers and I thought I’d just stay home and try a bath here. I filled the tub a few inches with cold water and then added several pots of hot water I heated on the stove. While waiting for the water on the stove to heat up, I came back to find “Big Kitty”, water up to her belly, wading in the tub!

Only one picture before the big escape from the tub. Now I have wet paw prints throughout the house too.

After about 6 pots of hot water, I had enough water to bathe AND at reasonable temperatue. Maybe I could have survived harder times after all. The plumber comes tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a non-demolition fix!

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