Icepocalypse 2010

I don’t know what this says about me…but…
have you ever thought about how the icicle is
the perfect murder weapon?
You know, no fingerprints…
because it melts.
It’s just something that crosses my

mind when they get this big.

My son is 6 feet tall. That’s a long icicle.
Icepocalypse 2010 brought a nice ¾” layer of ice on Thursday that was topped off with 5 inches of snow. If you read about the Snowpocalypse that hit on Christmas Eve, you’ll remember how devastating this kind of weather is for us Oklahomans. I know many of you have lived through storms harsher than these two and are laughing hysterically at us Okies. School was cancelled, businesses closed, church services cancelled, school cancelled again tomorrow. My son hasn’t had a full week of school since early December. (BTW-Schools closed in early January due to dangerously cold temperatures.) I’m really not bothered by it. I have a teenager and we are both content to be at home on our computers.
So here’s what I did during my Snow Days. They are gifts and, hopefully, I haven’t given too much away.
Quilt #1
There’s something about a coin quilt that I just love.

Debbie Mumm fabric

with little cars and street signs.

Quilt #2

Chocolate brown and pinks.

Quilt #3

Jungle animals, bubbles and alphabet letters.

Congratulations to my friends and their growing families!

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