Spring Quilt Festival

The Spring Blogger’s Quilt Festival @ Amy’s Creative Side started last week and I’m late to the party! As always, there are some fabulous quilts on display.

I L-O-V-E this quilt I made from Sandy Henderson’s Meadowsweet line. The photo does not do it justice. The colors are amazingly vibrant.

Photos seem to be the hardest part of a blog. The lighting has to be right and we’ve had quite a few overcast and stormy days lately. And the Oklahoma wind makes outdoor shots a challenge as well.
We had an incredible hail storm last week and my yard is in no mood for photos. The trees were stripped of half their leaves and the flowers were beat to a pulp. We had a few house windows broken as well as car windshields cracked, and the hail damage…Wow. Do they even fix cars with that much hail damage?
Thanks, Amy, for hosting the Quilt Festival. Is been nice to look at pretty things and escape the broken windows and dented cars in the neighborhood.

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  1. boy, you guys get the weather out there. we have a standing joke here, if you don't like the weather in ohio, wait five minutes, and it will change. like the quilt, fresh colors.

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