BOOT Camp: Military-Style Pins

I just came back from a week at church girls’ camp with 150 girls, ages 12-18. (Twelve that I am specifically over.) We had a great time making friendship bracelets, singing goofy camp songs, staying up late and just being silly. Our camp had a military ‘Boot Camp’ theme and so I decided to make some military-styled reward pins.
First, I bought a variety of striped ribbon. Most military pins are striped.
Then, I bought some balsa wood strips and snipped them with regular scissors into sizes to fit the ribbon.
After cutting the ribbon into the right length needed to go completely around the balsa wood pieces, I lined-up the edge of the ribbon to the wood piece and hot-glued it into place.
 And then eventually around the entire piece.
A mini-glue gun was definitely needed for this project for it only takes a small amount of glue and it’s so easy to burn your fingers…be careful!
After gluing the ribbon, I attached a pin back and voila! instant military pin. These were so easy and really went together quick. They’d be great for a Halloween costume too. he pins were given to the girls after completing kitchen duty, latrine duty, service project, rafting trip, certification of camp skills, etc.
Thanks for a great week girls! Be Strong & Courageous!

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  1. Thanks both of you!

    Eric – I have no idea how to take a decent picture. I'm always asking Paul, "Is this a good picture?" But I've learned that I have to take a TON of pictures to get one good one.

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