WIP: Three Quilts

Here are the plans for three of the four quilts I need to get done by August. The fabric in a quilt is most important to me, and I love each of these groups of fabrics for different reasons.

I love the bold whimsy of these yellow and grey fabrics. Each block will have a 4-inch square center, a small half-inch inner border, framed by a one-and-a-half inch border. Just like the alternate block I used in my Valentine Quilt. I’m alternating the inner and outer borders with solid white to keep it looking fresh. (I really should get this combo for myself.)

Again, on this second quilt, I’m using white to keep it fresh. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to alternate between mostly purple and mostly teal blocks or a mixture of all the fabrics in each block, but I love the subtle movement from purple to teal to citron.
I’ve been looking at this last combo for a while, originally thinking I’d make something for myself but just never got around to it. For this quilt, I just want to show the fabrics. So, just squares with white in between.
That should keep me busy and inside, where it’s cool, for a few weeks. The triple digit temperatures have started. That means, I go to the grocery store at night and do whatever needs to be done in the yard early in the morning. Did I mention I don’t like summer in Oklahoma? For those days when I have to get out, I come home and have a popsicle. It’s amazing how quickly it can bring down your internal heat index.
What will YOU do to beat the heat this summer?


See these finished quilts HERE and HERE.

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7 thoughts on “WIP: Three Quilts

  1. we just stay in the AC to beat the heat and do anything that has to be done outdoors in the morning too…..i am in love with the color combos you are using here….but especially the middle one. so pretty!!

  2. Love all of these…have you made progress on any of them? I'm also making one that is black, white and green and would love to see how yours turns out. I'm getting ready to apply your 20 minutes a day idea!

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