A Little Show & Tell

If you were around in January, you might remember that I started a little challenge called 20 Minutes-A-Day. My goal was to do something creative for 20 minutes, every day (or at least 4-5 times a week). But, life has really been in the way and it’s been a tremendous challenge for me.
My husband and son are out tonight, so it’s just me at home. The possibilities are endless. It always takes me longer than I think to write a blog post, so….I’m making this one short so I can get some creative time in.
I love making these journal/notebook covers. They are surprisingly easy and really great to improvise. This one was for my young friend, Kerri.

I used my Yudu screen printer to add this inside joke graphic to the inside sleeve.

Good luck Kerri!
Everyone else? Let’s get creative!

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