In Progress: Holiday in London Bag

I was happy to finally get my 20 minutes of creativity in today. It was slow going as I am starting a new project and I’m still hem-hawing around.  Jemellia showed us her beautiful Holiday in London Duffle Bag at our guild meeting.  It’s such a great bag, I decided to make one for myself. After debating in my local quilt shop for an hour, I purchased a bunch of Comma by Zen Chic.

I really want to do Half-Square-Triangles (HSTs), but I didn’t want to copy Jemellia. So, more debating and I said what the heck! I’m using different fabric so they won’t even look the same. Then, I posted a photo of my fabric on Instagram and dear Melissa, who makes fabulous things, is making the London bag, in Comma, with HSTs.  Yeah, I know, our bags won’t be together and no one will know. But there’s just something about making the same thing.  That’s why he make things ourselves, right? One-of-a-kind, I’m the only one with it.
So, I sewed a few pieces together tonight…

Not loving it.
Maybe the pieces are too big.
Maybe too much of the *asterisk…
Maybe I’m going to do those HSTS after all.

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8 thoughts on “In Progress: Holiday in London Bag

  1. I like it! I thnk you need big pieces so you can see those neat asterisks. Would hate for those to get lost in little pieces…maybe if you made big HSTs, it would be different from the others….either way, I love that fabric….

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