T-Shirt Design for QuiltCon 2015

Ever had a surprise you were DYING to tell? This is one of those surprises I’ve been holding in since November. (Stop me if you heard this one, for I’ve already posted the news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.)

I entered the contest to design this year’s QuiltCon t-shirt and I won!!

The announcement FINALLY came in email form to all members of The Modern Quilt Guild and, yes, I’m giddy with excitement!

I starting mulling around ideas while on vacation. Although my husband was completely supportive, he also voiced his opinion that “these things are rigged”.  Rolling my eyes and giving him a “Whatever…” I continued on with my ideas.

I sent two different options: A 2-color design and a 3-color design. I knew, if chosen, it would be the 2-color design they went with. When screen-printing, every color is another screen and each screen has a set-up fee. Obviously, the more colors, the more expensive the shirt.


I went back and forth between “QuiltCon” on the back or on the sleeve. I ended up going with the back thinking they’d want the name in big lettering. After I received the phone call telling me my design was chosen, I was happy to switch it to the sleeve at the MQG’s request.

I have my order in! Do you?

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