Triangle Quilt for Baby Ajani

We have a new baby in the family! Ajani was born to my husband’s cousin and his girlfriend a few days ago. Our son, at 21, is the youngest on that side of the family, so we’re excited to have a little one again.

I fought with this quilt, wanting to do something different, but not knowing what. I finally opted for equilateral triangles, because a baby-sized quilt is the perfect chance to try something new.

Ajani’s grandma let me know that monkeys were a requested motif, so I gathered an assortment of graphic fabrics.

I’ve had alternate gridwork on my mind since attending Heather Grant’s lecture at QuiltCon, and used that concept as a guide. Not wanting solid white on a baby quilt, I opted for white with black polka-dots, and randomly sewed triangles together. Truly random…which is completely out of my box. I’m more of a “planned random” person.

I still don’t love triangles, but it was a good learning process. Hmmm….could I do this for a king-sized quilt?

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