Pinwheel Quilt – Project #29

I finally took time to take a few pictures of my pinwheel quilt, which is Project #29 on the Unfinished Projects List. I absolutely love it! It makes its home on the green chair right next to Big Kitty’s favorite sleeping place. A couple of my fabric choices were lost[Read more]

Bad Blogetiquette

Going two weeks without a post must fall under the “bad blog etiquette” category. And while I’m not posting anything interesting tonight, I will say that I have completed two quilts and seriously need to take pictures this weekend. It seems like I’ve told several people recently how unsociable my[Read more]

A Quilt for Sadie

Here’s a quilt for baby Sadie, just newly born and adopted by a friend. I love the sweet fabrics in this quilt, but what a chore it was! My first two practice runs at machine quilting had been successful. But on this particular rainy day in Oklahoma, I’d been having[Read more]

Adventures in Stippling

I’ve always loved stippled quilts. I think the meandering design adds to the cozy, crinkly feel of a much loved quilt. Stippling is a method of stitching free-form squiggly lines. It’s totally up to me what design I make and how big the stitches are. I looked at a few[Read more]

Sweet Treats and No Sleep

I’m going to a slumber party tonight with about 10 of my energetic teenage girls from church. We’re going to play games, eat treats, stay up late and maybe play some Dance, Dance Revolution. And as a surprise, shhh…they don’t know yet….Extreme (glow-in-the-dark) bowling at midnight. I knew I should[Read more]

My First Quilt Show

Never in a million years did I think I would participate in a quilt festival! But after looking at a TON of quilts online…why not me? Those of you who read this blog (all 5 of you!) have seen this quilt that I made for Preston before. Welcome to those[Read more]

A Street of My Own

My father was a general contractor. I like to say that he built half of Napa, the town I grew-up in. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, but there was a HUGE part of town that he DID build. I had friends that lived in the homes he built. One friend[Read more]

Unfinished Project #29 – Pinwheel Quilt

Okay, so I made a decision on Unfinished Project #29… Pinwheels! Also known as whirlygigs or windmills. I saw one somewhere online in pastels and really liked it. Let’s hope I can pull it off. There is a LOT of piecing. I started with a bunch of 4 inch squares…[Read more]

Painted Frame

Here’s a peek at the empty frame that has been hanging on my wall for months. Dare I say for over a year? I think I need to make just a few minor changes/additions and then I’ll go get a piece of mirror custom cut and attached.


I’ve been have a really hard time deciding on a pattern for my next quilt, Project #29, on The Unfinished Projects List. Since I will see it everyday, I want it to be perfect. No regrets. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. It’s not like this will be that[Read more]