A No Barn, Barn Dance

The girls from church and I are in charge of decorations for what we are calling a “No Barn, Barn Dance”. We didn’t have a barn to hold the dance in and really, we just needed a theme that would give us an excuse to wear jeans and boots. Our[Read more]

Just so you know….

…I haven’t been completely slacking off the last two weeks. A little, but not completely. I re-read the “Twilight Series” last week (yes, all four. Don’t hate on them!) while I’m waiting for the 7th book in the “Outlander Series” by Diana Gabaldon I really love these books! I’ve also[Read more]

Preston’s Quilt

I finally finished a quilt for Preston. I should say I finally started and finished a quilt for Preston, because once I started, it was done in just a couple of days. What you don’t know is that I bought the fabric about three years ago, probably four. I just[Read more]

Mini-Family Reunion

We drove to St. George, Utah last week for a family reunion. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. The Good Family Reunion in Toquerville, Utah! I saw cousins I hadn’t seen since I was twelve and some I had never even met! My father was[Read more]

Creating the blog is more fun than blogging

I’ve been busy working on a couple of projects on The List. Really, I have! But, I saw an idea on another blog and I just had to have it! My genius-programmer husband added a button to my blog one night that links directly to The Unfinished Projects List. As[Read more]

DHS Quilts Numbers 2, 3 and 4

Here’s the bin of donated fabric for the DHS Quilts: I thought I’d post the picture that my husband took. For some reason, he finds it funny that my groupings of fabric for potential quilts are bundled up and tied with a bow. It seems perfectly logical to me. These[Read more]

DHS Quilt Top #1

Abused or neglected children are taken from their homes with little or no possessions. I work with young women ages 12-18 at church and we decided to take on the project of making quilts to donate to DHS for the kids in their custody. Since I have a limited budget[Read more]

“Oh, We Can Make That”!

Need a baby gift? I wouldn’t dream of BUYING something. Bookshelf? That’s easy to figure out. As kids, the famous words of my mother when we would see a cute skirt or dress were, “Oh, we can make that.” It’s true. We could. Well, SHE could. She made a lot[Read more]

The List

Updated April 21, 2011 45. Quilt/sham/pillow for Meg to take to BYU. 44. Do gifts for Facebook Pay-it-Forward. 43. Finish 2011 New Year cards for 2012. 42. Jersey ruffled scarf. 41. Retile fireplace 40. Magnetic board for recipes 39. Make a ribbon scarf. 38. Make baby quilts for: a. RB[Read more]