Wedding Quilt for Meg and Dan

It’s been four months since my niece’s wedding.  With preparations and the holidays, my mom and I just didn’t get her quilt done. Meg and Dan passed through Oklahoma a week ago and they finally received it! I think it was at Thanksgiving when we were discussing wedding details that[Read more]

Experimental Birthday Projects

Last week was my birthday and I decided to take the day off work. Two friends had babies that week and I was already behind on their quilts. It would be a good time to get them done. But, I decided to do something for me. I was making the[Read more]

Where I Create

If you follow creative blogs you’ve probably seen the photos that bloggers share of where they create: the craft room, the studio, the workshop…Well, I thought I’d get into the game too. Here’s a peak at my sewing space!   Yes, it’s my dining room table. No, we don’t eat[Read more]

A Quilt for Ivy

I am so glad to get this quilt out of my house… Not because it was a nightmare to make, but because Ivy is already 4 months old! Oh, that face! Ivy’s family came to Oklahoma for medical school and I’ve selfishly been pleased when plans have changed and their[Read more]

The Year of Me

I kind of missed the whole 2013 wrap-up and New Year’s resolution posts that bloggers usually make. I’m not a big resolution maker anyway as I usually only come up with one thing to work on for the coming year. 2013 was a busy “projects for other people” kind of[Read more]

A Rustic Wedding Reception

My Texas Sister’s daughter got married last week and, as I have only one son, I was more than excited to help out. This was an LDS (Mormon) wedding, and they’re a little different than most. While this was a typical LDS wedding, I will be bold and say that[Read more]

One ‘N’ Jen

I have two Jen(n) friends, and Jen and Jenn are best friends. Some of us that know them refer to them collectively, as “The Jen(n)s”. One ‘N’ Jen is having a baby this month and we’re all very excited for her! The Jen(n)s and I try to have a little[Read more]

Recipe: Turkey – Spinach – Feta Sliders

My Las Vegas sister shared this turkey slider recipe with us and we all loved it! My Texas sister then decided to make them for a wedding reception/open house a couple months ago. They are so tasty, I have no desire to ever have a regular hamburger again! And I’m[Read more]